BAM! How Government Really Works
Then, of course, we have Monkey Department of Defense (MDD). This is run by Milton, pictured below, right. He sure knows how to deal with those pesky muslim pests. Although Milton looks menacing, it is rumored that Milton might actually be Millie (notice the pink sweater). Don't ask, don't tell.
Senator Fred, below, has served in Congress for 8 terms.  He is pictured here preparing legislation on food safety. Unfortunately (sssh!) it is rumored that the opposition is going to oust poor Fred next election on the grounds that his increasing flatulence is causing serious global warming.
And our candidates for U.S. Congress, Peter, Paul and Joe.  Joe has had a hard day at work. You can see from these faces what dedicated civil servants these are. They spare no expense to make you happy and get your votes. But what the hey, they're paying for it with your money!
Our Platform is Simple
We steal from the rich and give to the poor. Of course, doing this requires resources, since the rich don't give up their ill-gotten gains without a little persuasion. For this we have the IRS, a.k.a. Irritating Resource Sucker.
Mickey says: "If I don't hear it I can deny I said it."
Welcome to MonkeySite, the home of the Monkey party.  We have candidates for all public offices including Mayor, City Council, Governor, State Representative, U.S. Congressman, Senator, and of course, President of the U.S.A.
Please greet Mikey Monkey, our candidate for President.  And don't forget to vote on election day.